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About Us

Edge Properties is a dynamic entity which is into property development, management and construction business concentrating its expertise on the leisure sector; namely high end villas and small luxury hotels.

Our strength is aligning ourselves into the vertical market sectors that return the highest yield. Edge Properties is therefore, well positioned and leading the market in the booming hospitality sector in Sri Lanka.

We are a business built on ethics. Our core values are honesty, integrity, hard work, professionalism, passion and commitment to the pursuit of excellence to all stakeholders our business. We strive;

  • To provide an exceptional level of service and to see things through to completion
  • To ensure the needs of clients and tenants are dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • To offer a consistent world class service to all our guests through relentless approach to perfection
  • To cause minimum damage to the environment by using reusable energy linked to the most lowest consumption appliances
  • Finally, to do our best in securing healthy long term returns on Group assets and on behalf of our investors

Superior quality, perfection and dependability are the standards of Edge Properties throughout the years and they are well known for their excellence and luxury offered to its clientele.

The experience one would get during their stay at any of the Edge properties is unparalleled. From the design driven, flawless interiors to the top class service, Edge Properties raise the bar of luxury living.